Calendar Events

April Chamber Luncheon04/17/201411:45amSara/LynnDa
May First Friday Coffee05/02/20147:30 amSara Craig
Cass County Coalition of Chambers05/08/201411:45amLynnDa Roberts
June 1st Friday Coffee06/06/20147:30 amSara
Golf Tournament06/19/201411:30 amSara
Cass County Coalition of Chambers07/10/201411:45amLynnDa Roberts
Cass County Fair07/15/2014Tina Stidham
August First Friday Coffee08/01/20147:30 amSara Craig
August Chamber Luncheon08/21/201411:45amSara/LynnDa
September First Friday Coffee09/05/20147:30 amSara Craig
Cass County Coalition of Chambers09/11/201411:45amLynnDa Roberts
Softball Tournament09/20/20144:00 pmSara
October First Friday Coffee10/10/20147:30 amSara Craig
November First Friday Coffee11/07/20147:30 amSara Craig
Progressive Dinner11/20/20145:30 pmLynnDa Roberts
December First Friday Coffee12/05/20147:30 amSara Craig
Cass County Coalition of Chambers12/11/201411:45amLynnDa Roberts



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